Sex position #95. Flatiron

Sex position #95 - Flatiron. (doggy style, from behind, kneeling, man on top, rear entry). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

This position is a breath of fresh air to the stagnant sex life of both partners. It seems that there is nothing special, but the couple is guaranteed with new impressions. The woman lies comfortably on her belly, she bends slightly her knees and opens them on sides, she pulls her hands along the body and if desired she can slightly raise the hips to be able to caress her crotch. The man is located between the legs of his female partner, stands on his knees and leans forward; his one arm is close to the hips of his mistress, the second one is on her buttock. The male partner can set the tempo himself as well as push his mistress by whisk of his arm.

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Comments (13)
  1. Niki

    this position allows for deep, intense penetration. i am dating a handsome 50 something man who fortunately for me, has a long, thick cock which rub nicely against my G creating an intense orgasm. My man is so thoughtful to allow me to climax first, before he fills me

    1. Dr. sex

      crazy bitch

  2. Draz

    My wife she admire this position she play with her clit while i fuck and she get an orgasm and start moving her but up and down while getting several contraction

    1. Mars

      Are you still having sex with her in this position?

  3. Daisy Jane

    Love this position. My first time at 15 (legal where I resided) featured this position – boy did it make me orgasm.

    1. Jumbe

      ..Daisy Jane,how are you?

    2. Mars

      If I may ask, when was the last time you engaged in this position?

  4. Dominic one


  5. Bori

    Yes we always like this position make me to orgasm to .

    1. Debbie

      My best position ever

  6. bad boy

    my wife screamed with joy said i rocked her possy

  7. Nathan

    I call this the drilling for juice position

  8. Debbie

    Best position ever!
    I see stars! lol

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