Sex position #84. Olympus

Sex position #84 - Olympus. (face to face, standing, woman on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

To climb up to heaven and fall down on the infinite speed – it does not matter if you’re in his arms. The man picks up the woman as if he skewers her on his penis. The legs of female partner entwine his thighs on both sides, he hugs her waist with one arm, and holds her buttocks with his second arm. The woman throws her head back, thereby opening her excited but deprived of caresses breast in front of the man’s lips. Her hands are free, she can hug his neck, caress the strong man’s back and torso. Alternatively, this position can be practiced near the wall, in this case it will be easier for the man to hold his female partner.

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  1. Jack

    There are over 6 billion people already and daily increasing due to an excess of sex.This is creating overpopulation. We don’t need a site like this to promote even more births in an already overcrowded earth.

    1. miron-partner (Post author)

      I wonder who agree with this person?)

    2. SassyOne

      The only thing creating over-population is lack of sexual education, and birth control options, contraceptives. If women AND men equally had access to education without judgment and had complete autonomy over their sexual and reproductive health; we wouldn’t have an over-population problem. Additionally, there is no such thing as over population in our world. We have enough resources and land to care for people unfortunately 82% of the worlds wealth lies in the hands of the hands of the 1% and that 1% wants to keep you ignorant and in poverty.

  2. Shy

    I don’t agree with any negative person, there are positions that have no penile penitration, plus sex is not just about creating more life, its about conecting with your partner.

  3. Manibabu

    Good to know very useful

  4. Jessi

    I dont think he/she even has sex

  5. Juzmee

    Sooooooo why are you here if you disagree soooooooo much. Lol

  6. Kasule

    If a site like this one was made constitutional, earth would be a better place!

    1. Admin (Post author)


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